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Alexander Groh

PD Dr. Alexander Groh

Regular member MCN


Lab Head Research Unit Experimental Neurosurgery


Klinikum rechts der Isar
of the Technical University Munich
Neurochirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik
Ismaninger Straße 22
81675 Munich

Phone: 0049 89 4140 7636
Fax: 0049 89 4140 2155


Further Information

Research focus: Neuronal circuit function, neurophysiology, thalamocortical circuits, synaptic physiology, neuronal mechanisms of pain, electrophysiology, optogenetics

Selected publications:

Sumser A, Mease RA, Sakmann B, Groh A (2017) Organization and somatotopy of corticothalamic projections from L5B in mouse barrel cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Mease RA, Kuner T, Fairhall AL, Groh A (2017) Multiplexed spike coding and adaptation in the thalamus. Cell Reports

Mease RA, Sumser A, Sakmann B, Groh A (2016) Cortical dependence of whisker responses in posterior-medial thalamus in vivo. Cerebral Cortex

Mease RA, Sumser A, Sakmann B, Groh A (2016) Corticothalamic spike transfer via the L5B-POm pathway in vivo. Cerebral Cortex

Mease RA, Markus Metz, Groh A (2016) Cortical sensory responses are enhanced by the higher-order thalamus. Cell Reports

Krieger P and Groh A Editors (2015) Sensorimotor Integration in the Whisker System. ISBN 978-1-4939-2975-7, Springer

Mease RA, Krieger P, Groh A (2014) Cortical control of adaptation and sensory relay mode in the thalamus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Groh A*, Bokor H*, Mease RA, Plattner VM, Hangya B, Stroh A, Deschenes M, Acsády L (2014) Convergence of Cortical and Sensory Driver Inputs on Single Thalamocortical Cells. Cerebral Cortex, *equal contribution.

Stroh A, Adelsberger H, Groh A, Ruhlmann C, Fischer S, Schierloh A, Deisseroth K, Konnerth A (2013) Making waves: initiation and propagation of Corticothalamic Ca(2+) waves in vivo. Neuron

Groh A, Meyer HS, Schmidt EF, Heintz N, Sakmann B, Krieger P (2010) Cell-type specific properties of pyramidal neurons in neocortex underlying a layout that is modifiable depending on the cortical area. Cerebral Cortex

Groh A, de Kock CP, Wimmer VC, Sakmann B, Kuner T (2008) Driver or coincidence detector: modal switch of a corticothalamic giant synapse controlled by spontaneous activity and short-term depression. The Journal of Neuroscience