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QBI-MCN Symposia Series and Workshops

Together with the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), the Munich Center for Neurosciences and the embedded Graduate School for Systemic Neurosciences (GSN) co-founded the QBI-MCN Symposia Series. The symposia were instigated as a platform for students and faculty to explore two world-class neuroscience institutions of Australia and Germany, thereby providing opportunities for exchange in research and teaching.

Then and now

The initiative aids the transition from the doctoral to the postdoctoral phase and potentially scouts for well educated students from abroad on advanced doctoral and postdoctoral levels. The inaugural symposium on Systems Neuroscience between QBI and MCN-LMU took place at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia in September 2011. The event was followed by a meeting in Munich from October 9-12, 2012 that showcased the local neuroscience community as a promising environment for well-educated young scientists. In 2014 the Autumn School and Workshop in Human Cognitive Neuroscience was organized at the University of Queensland. The third Joint Symposium of the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) and the Munich Center for Neurosciences (MCN) took place at the University of Queensland from October 8 to October 9, 2015. Most recently, 2 GSN students had the chance to participate in the QBI workshop "Tissue Clearing and Light Sheet Microscopy" which took place December 8-9, 2016 in Brisbane, Australia.


The symposia aim to enhance national and international visibility for both institutions. The future concept of collaboration embraces an exchange of MSc and PhD students for summer schools, research projects including long term student exchange (1-2 years) and ongoing short-term exchange (2-3 weeks), as well as regular bilateral faculty visits.

2015 QBI-MCN Symposium (Univ. Queensland), Oct. 8-9, 2015

The scientific program at the University of Queensland included six Munich faculty lectures, in addition to eight oral and/or poster contributions by advanced PhD students and postdocs nominated by Munich faculty. Scientific sessions touched on neurogenetics and neurogenesis, as well as neural circuit processing, learning, memory and cognition. The schedule of the two-day scientific meeting between Munich delegates and QBI representatives was complemented by a reception at the University of Queensland on October 7, and an excursion on October 10.


Symposium Flyer and Program

2014 QBI-MCN Autumn School and Workshop in Human Cognitive Neuroscience, May 1–6

Workshop announcement

Oliver Bauma (QBI, Psychology)
Stefanie Becker (UQ, Psychology)
Ross Cunnington (QBI, Psychology)
Heiner Deubel (LMU, Psychology)
Paul Dux (UQ, Psychology)
Marta Garrido (QBI, Psychology)
Stefan Glasauer (LMU, Clinical Neuroscience)
Andrew King (Oxford, Neurophysiology)
Donatas Jonikaitis (LMU, Psychology)
Jason Mattingley (QBI, Psychology)
Tirin Moore (Stanford, Neurophysiology)
Naotsugu Tsuchiya (Monash, Psychology)
Agniezska Wykowska (LMU, Psychology)

2012 QBI-MCN Symposium (LMU), Oct. 9-12, 2012


Symposium webpage

2011 QBI-MCN Symposium (Univ. Queensland), Sept. 28-30, 2011

qbimcn_speakersSymposium webpage

Speakers at the symposium included:

Prof. Benedikt Grothe, Director MCN-LMU
qbi_002Prof. Heiner Deubel
Prof. Magdalena Götz
Prof. Mark Hübener
Prof. Rüdiger Klein
Prof. Christian Leibold
Prof. Lutz Wiegrebe

From QBI
Prof. Perry Bartlett, Director QBI
Prof. Geoff Goodhill
Prof. Ottmar Lipp
Prof. Justin Marshall
Prof. Linda Richards
Prof. Pankaj Sah