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Co-sense (2021-2026)

GSN Faculty member Prof. Ophelia Deroy secures 5-year Momentum project from VolkswagenStiftung on collective perception and its mechanisms


At a music concert, we perceive the same sounds as the audience around us. But does it make a difference to our perception? Where is the difference with us listening to the same sounds, but privately on our headphones? Can someone be better at detecting birds in the forest when hunting with others, than alone?

Joint attention and joint action have highly been studied as central to our human capacity for social coordination, but perception continues to be examined as an individual phenomenon, most certainly in philosophy and cognitive neuroscience. Joint perception can be operationalised in multiple ways, and the aim of the Co-Sense project is investigate the nature and epistemic value of joint perception in humans. The project is to bring together conceptual and experimental studies, and develop new projects thanks to two new labs: a physical lab, where multiple perceivers can be tested at the same time for behavioural and neural (dual EEG) data; and a virtual lab, to measure in systematic ways how people can collectively experience objects on-line, extending to larger groups.

New collaborations with major art and science museums will provide Co-Sense with opportunities for knowledge transfer, testing and science communication. These developments will also feed into new teaching modules in collective epistemology and comparative co-sensing in humans and animals.

PI: Ophelia Deroy