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Welcome to the Munich Center for Neurosciences – Brain & Mind

Modern sciences increasingly depend on the ability of crossing disciplinary boarders as well as collaborations that allow sharing expertise and infrastructure. This holds particularly true for an area like neuroscience. The structure and function of the human brain and the question of how its activity relates to our concepts of the mind cannot be studied in isolation, but only through extensive networking. more

Wondering what neuroscience seminars are occurring this week?

Check the Munich Neuroscience Calendar for a listing of activities with a focus on neurosciences in the Munich area. The Calendar features announcements regarding talks, conferences and symposia, as well as other relevant events. Learn more about guests and upcoming events at renowned research institutions and collaborative entities of the MCN across and around Munich.

Munich Neuroscience Lecture Series

The Munich Neuroscience Lecture Series will continue in 2021! The 2016 established series initiated by the MPI of Neurobiology, MCN-LMU, and BCCN aims to expose students and faculty in the greater Munich area to key figures across fields in neurosciences and inspire a broad audience of scholars. During each term, the seminars are scheduled on every first available Monday of the month, now at 5:00 pm, and will be held as online lectures (due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Learn more

The 13th Harvard-LMU Young Scientists' Forum has been held online!

The Harvard-LMU Young Scientists' Forum (YSF) "From Molecules to Organisms" seeks to unite researchers from Harvard University and LMU Munich through enabling Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows to have contact with core faculty from both universities. The goal is to create a framework for an interdisciplinary as well as international exchange of ideas. Read more

Research group jointly supported by Roche and MCN-LMU

Being supported by the academic network of the MCN and Roche, as an industrial partner, allows us to benefit from the excellent work environment at the Munich Center for Neurosciences (MCN) while profiting from interactions with ongoing translational research at Roche. Our research addresses a key question of molecular brain research: How are neural cell identity and diseases epigenetically controlled? Read more


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