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Helmut Glünder

Prof. Dr. Helmut Glünder

Associate member MCN


Professor for Information Processing in Neural Systems, Technical University Darmstadt


Bureau for Scientific & Technical Consulting
Dreimühlenstraße 9
D-80469 Munich

Phone: +49 (0)89 / 7466-4169


Further Information

Research focus:

Computational Neuroscience

  • Vision (Invariant pattern analysis & Motion analysis)
  • Pulse-coupled neurons
  • Sensorimotor systems


  • Mind/body questions
  • Philosophy of science

Signal & Image processing

  • Acquisition, Processing, Analysis & Classification

Key words: Computational neuroscience, biological cybernetics, mathematical systems theory, image processing

Selected publications:

Glünder H. (1987) Rotating gratings reveal the temporal transfer function of the observing system. Journal of Modern Optics 34: 1365-1374.

Glünder H. (1990) Correlative velocity estimation: visual motion analysis, independent of object form, in arrays of velocity-tuned bilocal detectors. Journal of the Optical Society of America A 7: 255-263.

Glünder H. (1991) Pattern properties, invariance and classification. In: Watt R.J. (ed.) Pattern recognition by man and machine (Chapter 6). Macmillan, London, pp. 69-82.

Nischwitz A and Glünder H. (1995) Local lateral inhibition: a key to spike synchronization? Biological Cybernetics 73: 389-400.

Hüning H, Glünder H and Palm G. (1998) Synaptic delay learning in pulse-coupled neurons. Neural Computation 10: 555-565.

In addition, other publications and writings are accessible from the website <>.