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Ophelia Deroy

Prof. Dr. Ophelia Deroy

MCN Board Member, GSN core faculty


Chair, Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Neuroscience
Supervision PhD students (interdisciplinary projects, philosophy of mind/cognitive neuroscience)


LMU Munich
Faculty of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and the Study of Religion
Ludwigstraße 31
80539 München

Phone: +49 089 2180 3806

Further Information

Research focus: Perception, Social cognition

Current GSN Students: Oriane Armand, Lucas Battich, Mark Carstensen, Sofiia Rappe

Graduated GSN Students: Dr. Anita Keshmirian

Selected publications:


Deroy, O. (ed.) (2017) Sensory blending. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Deroy, O. & Spence, C. (in press). Crossing the senses: How crossmodal correspondences shape perception and culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Journal articles

Deroy, O., Spence, C., & Noppeney, U. (2016). Metacognition in Multisensory Perception. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 20(10), 736-747.

Deroy, O., Faivre, N., Lunghi, C., Spence, C., Aller, M., & Noppeney, U. (2016). The complex interplay between multisensory integration and perceptual awareness.Multisensory Research, 29, 585 – 606.

Deroy, O., Chen, Y. C., & Spence, C. (2014). Multisensory constraints on awareness. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, 369(1641), 20130207.

Deroy, O. (2013). Object-sensitivity versus cognitive penetrability of perception. Philosophical studies, 162(1), 87-107.

Book chapters

Deroy, O. (2016). Multisensory perception and cognitive penetration. In D. Raftopoulos & J. Zembekis (eds). Cognitive Penetration, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Deroy, O. (2015). Modularity. In M. Matthen (ed) Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Perception, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Deroy, O. (2014). The unity assumption and the many unities of consciousness. In C. Hill & D. Bennett (eds.) The Unity of Consciousness and Sensory Integration. Cambridge (Mass.): MIT Press.

Spence, C. & Deroy, O. (2013). Crossmodal imagery. In S. Lacey and R. Lawson (eds.) Multisensory Imagery (pp. 157-183), New York: Springer.