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Wolfram Ziegler

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Ziegler

Regular member MCN


Head of the Clinical Neuropsychology Research Group


Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Development Group Clinical Neuropsychology (EKN)
Dachauer Str. 164
D-80992 Munich

Phone: +49 (0)89 / 1577-474
Fax: +49 (0)89 / 1567-81


Further Information

Research focus:
  • Fundamentals, diagnosis and treatment of dysarthria
  • Fundamentals, diagnosis and treatment of apraxia of speech
  • Acoustic and auditory analyzes of central speech disorders
  • Psycholinguistic and neuropsychological phonetic models of speech production
  • Phonological disturbances in aphasia
  • Word retrieval disorders in aphasia
  • Audio-visual speech processing
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation and rehabilitation of aphasia

Selected publications:

Benke T, Bodner T and Ziegler W. (2011) Apraxia of speech from a right frontal lesion. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 24: 268-275.

Brendel B, Erb M, Riecker A, Grodd W, Ackermann H and Ziegler W. (2011) Do we have a "mental syllabary" in the brain? An fMRI study. Motor Control 15: 34-51.

Hogrefe K, Ziegler W and Goldenberg G. (2011) Measuring the Diversity of Hand Gestures by their Hamming Distance. In: G.Stam & M. Ishino (Eds.), Integrating Gestures: The Interdisciplinary Nature of Gesture. Amsterdam: John Benjamin's Publishing.

Li Y, Randerath J, Goldenberg G and Hermsdörfer J. (2011) Size-weight illusion and anticipatory grip force scaling following unilateral cortical brain lesion. Neuropsychologia 49(5): 914-23.

Wunderlich A and Ziegler W. (2011) Facilitation of picture naming in anomic patients: sound vs. mouth shape. Aphasiology 25: 202-220.