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Heinrich René Liesefeld

Dr. Heinrich René Liesefeld

MCN associate member, GSN associate faculty


Postdoctoral Researcher


General and Experimental Psychology
Department Psychology
LMU Munich
Leopoldstr. 13
D-80802 Munich

Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 6302
Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 5211

Website: Dr. Heinrich René Liesefeld

Further Information

Research focus: I have a broad interest in human information processing with a particular emphasis on selective attention and working memory. One key question is what happens if distractors capture attention and/or enter working memory and how this is usually prevented. In my work, I use psychophysics, neuroimaging (EEG and fMRI) and cognitive modelling. Recently, I started combining the respective strengths of neuroimaging and modelling by integrating the timing of neural correlates of cognitive processes into explicit mathematical models of these processes and their interactions.

Key words: attention, working memory, visual cognition, electroencephalography, model-based cognitive neuroscience

Current GSN students: Martin Constant, Ananya Mandal

Graduated GSN students: Dr. Gordon Dodwell

Selected publications:

Liesefeld, A.M., Liesefeld, H.R., & Zimmer, H.D. (2014). Intercommunication between prefrontal and posterior brain regions for protecting visual working memory from distractor interference. Psychological Science, 25, 325-333. (equal contributions)

Liesefeld, H.R., Liesefeld, A.M., & Müller, H.J. (2019). Two good reasons to say ‘change!’ – ensemble representations as well as item representations impact standard measures of VWM capacity. British Journal of Psychology. Advance online publication

Liesefeld, H.R., Liesefeld, A.M., Pollmann, S., & Müller, H.J. (2019). Biasing allocations of attention via selective weighting of saliency signals: behavioral and neuroimaging evidence for the dimension-weighting account. In T. Hodgson (Ed.), Processes of Visuo-spatial Attention and Working Memory. Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences. Advance online publication. Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.

Liesefeld, H.R., Liesefeld, A.M., Töllner, T., & Müller, H.J. (2017). Attentional capture in visual search: capture and post-capture dynamics revealed by EEG. NeuroImage, 156, 166-173.

Liesefeld, H.R., Moran, R., Usher, M., Müller, H.J., & Zehetleitner, M. (2016). Search efficiency as a function of target saliency: The transition from inefficient to efficient search and beyond. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 42, 821-836.