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Affiliated MCN Research Institutes

  • Helmholtz Center Munich (HZM)


    MCN affiliatations within the HZM: Institute of Developmental Genetics (IDG) and Institute of Stem Cell Research (ISF) more

  • Max Planck Society (MPG)


    MCN affiliatations within the MPG: Max Planck Institute of Biological Intelligence (I.F.), Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. more

  • Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) Munich


    MCN affiliatations within the LMU: Adolf Butenandt Institute (ABI), Dept. of Biology, Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical Psychology (IMP) more

  • Technical University of Munich (TUM)


    MCN affiliatations within the TUM: Dept. of Electrical and Information Technology, Dept. of Physics, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Neuroscience, Faculty of Zoology more