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Neurohistory Workshop

Neurohistory: How can neuroscience help us understand the past?

This question was addressed at a workshop held June 6th-7th 2011 at the Rachel Carson Center in Munich. The interdisciplinary workshop focused on ways that neuroscience might help us to understand history (and ideally vice versa).

Four main questions were addressed:

1. What ideas and methods have neuroscientists developed that historians can use to shed new light on the past? What concepts, ideas and methods can historians bring to modern neuroscientists?

2. What new research questions can historians suggest for neuroscience? What new questions can neuroscientists pose to historians?

3. What are the biggest challenges to developing neurohistory as a field, and how can they be overcome?

4. How might neurohistory shed light on the interaction between people and their environment, both in the past and present?