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Munich Center for Ethics (MCE) - replaced by the Center for Ethics and Philosophy in Practice (CEPP)

The Munich Center for Ethics (MCE) was initiated in 2005 as an interdisciplinary research center at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. It aimed to identify ethical challenges in society and science and sought to address them in its research, teaching, and public events. MCE’s ethical research library encompasses about 3000 volumes. The MCE has provided a forum for ethical research and tackled contemporary ethical challenges in society, politics, and the sciences. It supported interdisciplinary and international research projects in ethics and coordinated the ethics teaching at the university.

In 2021, the MCE was dissolved as part of structural and personnel changes and has been replaced by the Center for Ethics and Philosophy in Practice (CEPP).

The Center for Ethics and Philosophy in Practice (CEPP) is a cross-faculty research facility at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Its aim is to contribute to both the discussion and solution of current social problems by coordinating and promoting research and teaching in the field of ethics while making it accessible to a wider public. The CEPP serves as an inter-faculty juncture for top-class research and teaching on application-oriented topics of ethics and practical philosophy. In addition, the CEPP aims at having a networking effect to the society, making the interlinking of science and normative reflection visible to the general public, and thus complementing LMU’s "third mission" activities.