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Graduate Training Programs

  • DFG Research Training Group (RTG) 2175 Perception in Context and its Neural Basis

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    How do we perceive the world around us and what neural mechanisms constitute the basis of sensory perception? These are the questions to be tackled by the new DFG-funded Research Training Group 2175 at LMU, devoted to the elucidation of Context-Dependent Perception and its Neural Bases. more

  • DFG Research Training Group (RTG) 1091 Orientation and Motion in Space - discontinued


    Participating senior scientists, together with their collaborating group members, provide optimal training, education and support for doctoral students from various fields (biology, computer science, engineering, medicine, physics and psychology). more

  • DFG Research Training Group (RTG) 1373 Brain Signaling: From Neurons to Circuits - discontinued

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    The Research Training Group 1373 Brain signaling: From Neurons to Circuits focuses on basic and disease related neuroscience. Neuroscience promises to improve our strategies to treat neurological disorders, which in aging societies present an ever increasing problem. more

  • HBI-MCN Partnership Meeting


    With the inaugural HBI-MCN partnership meeting taking place February 24-28, 2016 at the University of Calgary, advanced GSN PhD students are invited to explore post-doc options, share their research, and hear talks by principal investigators and fellows of the HBI and Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education. more

  • LMU-Harvard Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF)


    The LMU-Harvard Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF) seeks to unite researchers from Harvard University and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU) through enabling Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows to have contact with core faculty from both universities in order to create a framework for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. more

  • Research Center for Neurophilosophy and Ethics of Neurosciences


    We investigate the philosophical implications of empirical findings in the cognitive sciences and initiate interdisciplinary research projects on philosophically relevant topics. more

  • QBI-MCN Symposia Series and Workshops

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    The symposium brings together leading researchers from both universities in sensory, cognitive, cellular and molecular neuroscience to share their recent findings with the Australian neuroscience community including student participants from LMU Munich. more